Monday, April 16, 2012

Hurry up and wait...

Monday April 9, we attended our informational/intake home study meeting in Jackson. It was a little overwhelming to sit down with our Social Worker and discuss what all will be accomplished during this process as well as the cost involved. It was what we expected, but due to new regulations implemented by China, the post home-placements have almost doubled. And this of course adds to the total bill. We would like to thank everyone who purchased some flip-flops, we are grateful for your kindness and support.

Enough about funds…

April and I have been excited over the past few weeks. We have decided on and purchased the bedding for “baby Asia” and we have also decided on a name. NO! I am not revealing that just yet. We will reveal that as the time draws closer. April and I have decided to start a prayer journal for both Belle and “baby Asia” to record our thoughts and specific prayers for them through this process. I think it will be a neat experience for both of them to receive these journals later in life to look back on our hearts during this process. I think it will be very special to “baby Asia” to see that we were praying for her and longing for her even before she was born or a part of our family. I want her to truly understand that we are choosing her as our own.

Belle continues to try and process the concept about having a little sister. Her BFF Aubrey just got a little sister, so we relate it to that. Her little mind thinks that she is getting Aubrey as her little sister. She is excited about a little sister, at least right now.
There really is not much to report currently, so I will update as things start moving again.


Home study has begun.

Prayer request:
Pray for Baby Asia, we do not know her yet but pray for God to prepare us and her as we look to give her a forever family.

Paperwork process.

Belle and us as we grow as a family through this process.

Pray for our friends the Beesons as they are waiting to be matched. They are adopting from Uganda.

Pray for the Belks. They are also in process of adopting from China.

Thanks for reading,

Myke and April