Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Let the Egg Bombing begin...

As Easter Sunday is right around the corner, we are up to our eyeballs in plastic eggs… and that is a good thing!  April’s new fundraiser is blowing up, and we now have to make another egg run.   I have to give her props on this one, even though she borrowed it form someone else.  As I can foresee a  light night for our “special deliveries”  this Saturday night, I am just grateful that we are not doing a sunrise service at CHC.  As we are still awaiting the results and final tally of this fundraiser, I want to personally say thank you to each of you who have ordered some Egg Bombs.  We truly hope that you enjoy this experience as much as we have.

Since the last blog update we have successfully completed our paperwork with the exception of one artifact.  All that is left is to get this final piece certified and authenticated so we can send it to Holt and our dossier will be officially complete and ready to be logged in.  Did I mention that we have paid our dossier processing fee in full??  That was a big step and a big relief.  Now comes the big time push for funding.
As we are anxiously awaiting our match phone call we are doing all we can to make fundraisers available that are creative and useful.  I wanted to remind you of a few fundraisers we are still doing and inform you of some others that are on the horizon.
  • Canvas fundraiser - $10 donation and you pick the color and square you would like to have painted on our “Family” canvas for Primrose’s room.  Below are some pictures of the canvas when we started, and where we are currently with it.

Family (start)
Current progress



  •  Flip-Flop to Adopt – It is that time once again, you know Spring (I know that old man winter hasn’t given up just yet).  This fund raiser will kick-off April 3rd.  Be on the lookout on both our Facebook page and here on the blog for pictures of the flip-flops and prices.

  •  We are also selling cookbooks through our church’s orphan ministry 4theVoiceless.  These cookbooks contain a variety of recipes that are multicultural and there are stories of adoption throughout.  This cookbook is available through the ministry and we will benefit directly from the sales of the cookbooks as they are being used to create an adoption fund at our church.  Click this link http://mad.ly/7bd553  for more information and you will have the option to order one.  The cost of the cookbook is $12 plus shipping and handling.

Cookbook Cover
  •  Last but not least, we will be having a garage sale in the next month or so.  Details to come, but don’t worry if you do not live close by because some of the items will be on Facebook or Ebay and you will be able to buy them there.  Stay tuned…

Please continue to remember us in prayer as we are applying for grants from various organizations and as we await for our daughter to be matched with us.  This is a very exciting and overwhelming time.  If you would like to participate in the canvas fundraiser, please refer to our Facebook page for the details and color choices.  All you have to do is click donate and send the details through Paypal about color and square location.  Thank you all for joining us on this amazing journey. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

She shall be called Primrose

Recently some friends of ours received “The Call” from the agency regarding being matched.  We were excited that they got their match with Sophie Wei and to see her precious little face just melted my heart.  The Belks (their blog is to the right, check it out) started the process about the same time as April and I did, in fact we rode together to Jackson for our initial intake meeting with the social worker.  Seeing this as reality for them has lit a fire in me and we are gearing up for our chance to receive “The Call.”

Here is where we are currently in the process.  Barring any discrepancies in our FedEx package tomorrow, our dossier will be authenticated by the Chinese consulate.  That leaves us only to send it to Holt with our processing fee and we will receive our log-in date.  Once we get our log-in date we will be in line for our little girl.  Needless to say we are so excited.

I realized the other day that we have yet to reveal what name we have decided on for our little girl.  Well as the title says, we are going to name her Primrose.  How the name came about is strange, however you would be correct if you are thinking Hunger Games.  You know, the little sister that Katniss volunteers to take the place of.  I was showing the movie in class at the end of school last year, relax it was an exam day and I only had about 7 students in my room.   I digress…  I heard the name Primrose and fell in love instantly.  I texted April about using that name, not thinking she go for it.  Well, she LOVED it.  Also, upon further investigation we learned that Primrose was the name of one of the last fairies in the original story of Sleeping Beauty not the Disney version.

As we continue to move forward in this process, we have a financial mountain to climb.  We have many fundraisers coming up that will appeal to almost anyone, yes even you!   Continue to pray for us, for our finances, and probably most importantly little Primrose.  I pray that she is in a loving foster situation, but then again I just want to hold her in my arms and let her know how much she is loved.

The Satchers