Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's the little things

On July 3, http://chc4thevoiceless.blogspot.com/ was called “Entitled to a family vacation?”  As I read it just a few minutes ago, my heart began to break and my eyes got misty.  As Al began to mention how there are things we take for granted that orphans probably never get to experience.  Let’s start with the basics:  a toilet, running water, soap, shampoo, TV, climate control, food and the list of material things could go on and on. 

 Lynleigh probably never attended a Tea Party at the orphanage or had cheese dip and chips.


What about goodnight hugs and kisses?  I cannot even stand the thought of Belle in a bed in an orphanage without my “nite-nite loves.”  How about you?  What if it was your child deprived of something so simple yet so incredible.  Then my thoughts shifted to our little girl in waiting.  Right now she could be lying in a crib, covered in filth and rocking herself to sleep.  She has never heard the words “I love you.”  She has probably never felt the warmth of a hug to calm her down.  She longs for the very thing that the orphanage workers cannot give her, but I can.  I am so ready to pick her up and tell her that I love her.  It is crazy to think that I am completely in love and have never even seen this little one yet.  My heart is already there, I am ready for reality to catch up.

A lot has happened since the last blog.  We have completed our home study on our end.  Now we wait for our social worker to finalize the paperwork so that we can move forward with this.  April and I are always in discussions about the adoption and look around and notice small bits of encouragement along the way.  A few weeks ago we were bombarded with encounters of families that had adopted Asian kids.  It was as if everywhere we went, we saw them.  I always want to go up to them and talk, but struggle with how to start the conversation.  Well, while in Jackson for our home study appointment we were having supper at P.F. Chang’s (how appropriate, I know) and a family came in that had a little Asian boy.  Well, we just could not stand it anymore and my wife went over to the table and started talking with the mother.  It was an encouraging “chance meeting” and we ended up leaving with her contact information for any questions we may have.  Out of character for April, but she really seemed to connect with this lady.

I close with this.  We are about to enter the long process of the dossier.  Please pray for us as we meticulously go through the paper work and make sure that we “cross the t’s and dot the lower case j’s.”  Also, please pray for our little girl in waiting.  And pray for Belle, every day she asks if we are going to get her today.

Don’t take the little things in life for granted!!  Thanks Al for the reminder.