Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The moment many of you have been waiting for!

As we are awaiting our LOA from China we have received an update on Primrose.  With this update came more pictures much to our surprise.  It is with a heart full of love for this little girl that we share her pictures with all of you.  Stay tuned as we are about to post information about our Coffee for Hope fundraiser and our T-shirt fundraiser.  We still have our canvas we are trying to fill with colors for Primrose's bedroom.  The next blog post will be about the fundraisers, but for now I want you to see our little girl who is waiting on us to come and get her.

Friday, May 10, 2013

She is more than just paperwork now!

It was Tuesday, May 7th at 11:55 am.  I was sitting in my wife’s classroom eating lunch.  My phone rang and we saw that it was Holt International.  My heart dropped, this is THE CALL that we have been waiting for.  Masha was on the line and told us all about our match.  We were overwhelmed with emotion, unexpectedly.  But she said she wanted to send us the file on our match.  Fast forward 20 minutes.  My email specifically for our adoption process alerted me that I had new mail.  I texted my wife and pleaded with her to come to my classroom because I could not wait to open it.  She came to my room and we opened the email and the attachments.  Then the most incredible thing happened, our hearts instantly connected with this little beauty before us.  Again we were overcome with emotion at the site of her.  How can someone we never met before make us feel this way?

To say that Tuesday was a wonderful day is an understatement.  Not only did we receive THE CALL, but our students who have been with us through this process were also able to celebrate with us about our match.  And then came probably the best part of the day, we were able to show Belle that we now know what her little sister looks like.  Belle’s reaction was priceless and heartwarming.  Looking ahead to fundraising needed to complete the process seems insurmountable, but now that Primrose is more than just a pile of paperwork we are determined.  We know have our baby girl and we MUST go rescue her!

Here is a little bit about her:

She is 10 months old and will turn one on July 28.  She is a very happy and active little girl.  There are a few developmental delays, but nothing out of the ordinary for an orphanage baby.  We are not allowed to share her pictures just yet, but we will as soon as we can.

We are so excited about the next few weeks.  Be on the lookout either here on the blog or our page on FB for fundraisers.  We will be selling Coffee for Hope and T-shirts very soon.  We need you help to bring this little one home.  

With grateful hearts,

The Satchers