Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update of progress...

Hi everyone!

Today (9/19) is day 135 since we were matched with Primrose.  Since the time of our match, we were ideally supposed to receive our LOA from China in a matter of 2-3 months.  Because of the change in the computer system at the CCCWA in China, things have been slow.  I emailed Holt, our adoption agency, and asked if they have heard anything yet.  Kristen informed me that she HAS heard something.  The China team is working hard and pushing the CCCWA to speed the process up.  I was told that we should have our LOA no later than the end of next week!!!  This is great news!  This puts us one step closer to going and rescuing our little girl from the orphanage.

This news also puts us on the move to fund the remaining costs associated with our adoption.  All we have left to fund is roundtrip airfare for us and in country travel costs.  So, approximately $7,000 to $8,000 left to pay.  Below you will see a few opportunities where you can help us.  Please pray about what you can do.  If you cannot do anything financially, please pray for God’s provision.  Also, share our Facebook pages (mentioned below) and this blog so that others can be a part of our story.

I am excited to announce that we have partnered with Fund the Nations and now have a T-shirt that we are selling as a fundraiser.  The T-Shirt cost is $20 and the sizes are Adult Small – XXXL.  Youth sizes are a different color red and come in sizes Youth M – XL.

To order a shirt, click our “donate” button to the right and include how many you want and the sizes you need.  Please be aware if you are not local and want it shipped, it will be an additional $6 charge (Priority Mail).  I will announce when I will be “closing” this sale in order to place and deliver the shirts.

We are still selling squares on the adoption canvas.  They are now only $5 a square.  Here are the color options once again.  Remember, you choose the color and message you would like to go into the square on the canvas.  If we can sell out of the squares, we would be about half way to our fundraising goal.


I mentioned that we were selling coffee a few months ago with no takers.  I would like to offer the coffee once again.  It is a special brew made specifically for adoption fundraisers by a coffee company in New Albany, MS.  The bag of coffee is $12 and can be either in bean or ground form.  Prim’s Brew is only available in caffeinated but there is a decaffeinated coffee available as well.  Again, if you are local I can deliver it to you, but if you need it shipped add $6 (USPS priority mail).

Be sure to check out our NEW fundraising page on Facebook called Prim’s Journey Home.  Our friend, Laura Causgrove has graciously set this up for us as well as a couple of fundraisers.  On this page you will be able to find a link to a Scentsy party and a really cool ginormous blanket you can purchase as well.  The T-Shirts and Prim’s Brew Coffee will be available on there as well.

Thank you all for reading this and for caring about our journey.  God bless each one of you.