Thursday, October 24, 2013

New pictures of Primrose

After we received our LOA last week, we had a few documents we had to fill out and send back to Holt and one to the USCIS (immigration), this form allows Primrose to be acknowledged as a Satcher upon our meeting in China!!  Now, we are just waiting on USCIS to process the paperwork for us to be able to get our travel dates.  Well, this past Monday we received an update in our email about how Primrose is doing.  One thing that it said that made us laugh, “She is a little bit chubby, so she is wearing larger sized clothing.”  At least she is eating well!  Her favorite is congee with chopped meat. 
Below are the new pictures they sent us, again we are just so in love with this little girl and cannot wait to go and get her.  As I looked at the pictures, my heart broke over one especially.  I may be wrong, I hope I am, but if you look at the picture of her in her “bed” you will notice it appears that she is sleeping on a wooden slab.  Again, I may be wrong.  Either way, I am ready for her to be in her own bed in her own room.

You can help us make this a reality for our little girl.  First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to those who bought 20 squares on the adoption canvas, you guys ROCK!  It is easy, just click the “donate” button to the right and submit your order and let me know how many squares you want and what colors you want (see previous post for color options).  If everyone just bought 1 square, we would have our travel costs completely covered.  We have opted to not do the T-shirt or Coffee due to lack of interest and we could not meet the minimum order requirements.

Pray for us, here are our pressing needs:  the final push for funding, that paperwork will move faster than expected, that we can travel before Christmas, and pray for Primrose that her little mind and heart are ready for her forever family and she will have a smooth transition.

Love you all…..
Don’t forget, Nov is national adoption month!  What can you do to serve the orphans God has called us to serve?  Can you sponsor a child for just $30/month (that is less than the cost of one soft drink per day for the month)?  Can you help out another family who is in the process of adoption?  Can you be the voice to the voiceless?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LOA has finally arrived!!!

The moment we have waited the past five months for has FINALLY happened… we received our LOA!  What this means is that China now recognizes us as the parents of Primrose and we just need to sign off on that document.  Also, it means it is crunch time for us financially.  We have a small mountain in front of us that we need to conquer in order to be able to travel and pick up our little girl.  We have personally paid out close to $6,500 hundred dollars and are now trying to raise the rest needed.  Below are our current fundraisers, I hope and pray that you will do whatever you can to help us get up that mountain.

Mosaic Canvas – our canvas has approximately 700 squares left to fill.  Each square is $10 and you can pick which color you want your square to be.  (If we sold every square, it would cover our airfare and in country travel).


T-shirts – I posted about the t-shirts last blog update and only had 1 t-shirt ordered.  I need 13 orders before they can print them.  Remember, the t-shirt is $20 and I can deliver locally or add $6 for shipping.  I will “close” the t-shirt sales on Oct. 31 so go ahead and click the donate button and be sure to include your size.  For size options, see previous blog post.


Coffee – Once again I want to remind you of the partnership with Coffee for Hope.  Special brew prepared especially for adoption fundraisers, brewed in New Albany, MS.  $13 dollars per bag whole bean or ground, decaf available.  I will cut the coffee orders off on Oct. 31 as well.


I know I sound like a broken record, but we are longing for support outside of ourselves.  We have had a few fundraisers that were highly successful, but we still have a little more to go.  Pray about what you can do.  Pray for us.  If you cannot do any of these you can just donate to our fund by clicking the button and indicating it is a donation.  Every dollar helps.

Praying for a financial miracle..... The Satchers