Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Chance" encounters

As I sit here and reflect upon what I would like to say I am thinking about a couple of events that have occurred in the past week.  First, last week one of my FB friends posted a link to a couple who is in the beginning stages of an international adoption.  I sent this person a message to encourage them and make a connection.  I always love meeting people who have adopted or who are in process of adoption.  It is exciting to see their excitement and they need encouragement as the drudgingly long paperwork trail begins.  I will share their information at the end of this blog so you can read their story. 

Today (11/27) we were at Red Lobster in Meridian when the following happened.  As the hostess was seating me, I was checking the time on my phone and she saw the picture of Primrose.  She asked it that was our little girl, and I was able to tell her our story of adoption and how we are about to travel to bring her home.  A few minutes later, the manager on duty came to our table and began to ask questions about our adoption experience.  He and his wife are talking about starting the process and we had a great conversation about adoption.  Needless to say, these two experiences are heartwarming reminders that there are MANY children out there who NEED a home and some families are doing something about it.  So what are you doing to help the orphans of the world?

Last week, thanks to a generous donation, we were had enough funds to completely payoff our adoption fees with Holt.  As we are just days away from finding out when we can travel to China, we still have our in-country travel costs as well as our international flights to fund.  Our canvas has many squares that need to be filled.  We have sold a total of 40 in the past couple of months and we are grateful.  However, there are still around 700 left to fill.  Our desire is to fill this canvas to show how many people were involved in helping to bring Primrose home.  Would you like to be a part of this gift of love?  It is simple, click the donate button on the right and send us a message about which color you would like to add to the canvas.  If you are uncomfortable with using PayPal, you can mail your payment to us and include a note to tell us what color you would like. Remember it's $10 per square and the color choices are in previous blog updates.

One last thing, if you know of or have any connections with discounted airline tickets or someone willing to donate frequent flyer miles please send them our way.  At this point, we will do whatever it takes to secure funding to travel.

  •  Pray for us as we are getting all of our last minute preparations taken care of
  •  Pray for Primrose, that she will be ready to receive us as her family and that she will adjust well
  •  Pray for the 147 million orphans in the world who have no family, and will spending this holiday   season alone
  •  Pray for the manager at Red Lobster we met today, that the Lord would direct he and his wife in this life-changing decision of adoption (sorry, I cannot remember his name or if he told us his name)
  • Pray for the Brittany & Daniel Winstead (I mentioned them at the beginning) as they are beginning the process of adoption from the Philippians. You can read about their story here

I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

The Satcher's