Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 1 update – The NEW Normal

Our first week home with Primrose has been an adventure.  She is quickly adapting to family life.  She follows her “sissie” all over the place and tries to imitate what she does.  This could be a bad thing!  It is mind-blowing to watch life unfold as we adapt to a family of four.  Primrose has made the rounds with mommy and Belle this week to Gymnastics, Ballet, and even a swing by our pediatrician’s office for an evaluation.  People love this little girl, and she seems to like the attention as long as you keep your distance.

Also this week, Primrose had the opportunity to see what it is like to “do life” with others as she debuted at small group.  She had balloons and a welcome home cookie cake awaiting her there.  It was a special time for us as a family to be able to bring this little girl who our small group has been praying for over the last few months.

Primrose also got to meet Pastor Rick this past Wednesday night while I was there to pick up Belle and Aubrey from AWANAS.  We had a pleasant conversation discussing our trip and her transition.

Saturday (2-1) we got together with some friends to celebrate Chinese New Year.  It was a lot of fun and Belle stood out like a sore thumb.  It was a beautiful thing to see 5 adopted little girls and their families.  Primrose seemed to be able to see that they were similar to her, but then again I cannot say for sure.  But this is definitely something that we will continue doing as she gets older.

Wearing their new silk dresses from China for CNY2014

The crew

Belle enjoying the sparklers

Sunday (2-2) Primrose attended her first church service at CHC Hernando Campus.  She got to sit with us and hear the music and the message.  We don’t think she is quite ready for the nursery experience just yet.  She did well, only got fussy toward the end so mamma walked her around a little and she was fine.

Not sure if she is using You Version Bible App or watching cartoons

On Monday (2-3) we had our evaluation meeting with Dr. Wallace for Prim’s cleft surgery.  We had a chance to discuss the severity of her cleft and the process for correcting it.  He was very optimistic about the procedure on her lip and as far as her cleft palate is concerned, well it closed up on its own.  It was rather small to begin with.  There is a remaining cleft/indention on her gum ridge that may or may not have a tooth under it.  We discussed these possibilities with the orthodontist consult.  Again, Dr. Wallace insisted that even this was an easy fix, excluding the tooth issue.  Overall it was a very positive visit and should know when the procedure will take place real soon.

Adjustment is a process, for all of us, and it can be very tiring.  We are extremely grateful for those of you who have signed up for the Meal Train and have or will provide a meal for us.  There are no words to express our gratitude for lightening our load during this time.  We are also grateful for all of the prayers.  It is so encouraging to see and hear of people praying for us.
I will keep you updated as to when Prim’s surgery will be.  Stay Tuned!

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